Building a Content System


What You’ll Find Here

Execution. It’s an essential component of any successful content marketing approach—and the focus of this series of blogs. I spent the last eighteen months leading a dedicated media team through an incredible experience. We’ve built a rich, dynamic website that serves a significant need for a passionate and underserved community, autistic students transitioning from HS to college, particularly in STEM fields. We call this a content system. My hope is that by sharing this journey, I can help you develop insight and inspiration for your own projects. And, your comments and feedback will help me refine the approach that we’ve taken to build this platform and engage our audience.


Developing Our Project Proposal: Identifying Our Audience and Diving into R & D

Before we get to the challenges, I’ll share our project proposal design timeline to give you context so you can see how our original idea evolved into the current content system. Prior to getting the green light for the Stairway to STEM (STS) project, we identified an audience of educators who needed online training that teaches evidence-based practices for working with autistic students.

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